Sandpit Fleece 150g/m² – 2,0 x 2,0m


  • PROTECTION AGAINST WEEDS: The garden fleece is ideal for protection against weeds. Breathable and water-premeable, the fleece does not rot after being laid out – convince yourself of professional quality!
  • USE: The garden fleece is ideal as a sandbox base – but can also be used under pebbles, paving stones and bark mulch as a subsoil protection.
  • QUALITY: The bottom fleece is tear-resistant, breathable and rot-proof – even when put under stones or blades, the foil is not damaged. Even with long use, the material does not start to rot.
  • MATERIAL: Film against weeds made of polypropylene with special fiber properties for a good soil aeration – ideal for building the sandbox yourself. Extremely stable.
  • GRAMMATURE: The grammage of the sandbox fleece is 150g / m².

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Professional Quality offered by Prolifiqs


Material: Polypropylene

Size: 2m x 2m

Grammage: 150g / sqm


Protection against weeds

The sandbox fleece reliably prevents the growth of weeds.

Protection against bugs

Bugs are kept away from the sandbox by the sandbox fleece.


Due to the grammage of 150g / m², the sandbox fleece is very robust.

Permeable to water

Water can drain easily, so that no water accumulates in the sandbox.

Installation instructions

1.) Dig a hole the size of your sandbox. You are welcome to add a few centimeters on each side.

2.) Make sure to fill the hole with a 5-10cm drainage layer of gravel to ensure that rainwater can seep away reliably.

3.) Set up the sandbox above the hole. If it is made of wood, make sure it does not come into contact with the soil.

4.) Lay out the floor with the Prolifiqs sandbox fleece and let it stick up slightly on the sides to make it possible to fixate later with tackles or nails.

5.) Fill the sandbox sufficiently with sand. Finished!

Very good to cut and very stable !!!
I would order again.
Very fast delivery!

Mandy Bruns

The Prolifiqs fleece was delivered on time and fully meets my expectations. It makes a very robust, durable impression at first glance. Since the fleece was used only a few days, I hope that it keeps its qualities permanently.


Really solid material, feels more like a real substance and is therefore very tear-resistant.

Not to compare with the normal weed fleece, which pulls individual threads after a short time.
this is really stuck. For our quite large sandpit also quite sufficient of the size 1,5mx1,6m, as rich 2x2m for the Kuhle.

I have tacked the fleece with a wood tacker and hold so far perfectly.

We recommend. Here you have a really solid quality.

Kristina S.

Additional information

Weight 2.60 kg
Verfügbare Größen

2,0 x 5m, 1,6 x 10m, 1,0 x 50m


50g / qm






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