About Prolifiqs

High Quality at Fair Prices

Prolifiqs – a neologism composed of “Pro”, “living” and “equip” – has its roots in gardening and landscaping, and develops professional products for your garden. In the development of our products, such as the garden fleece or our pegs, we could draw on many years of practical experience, so as to develop the ideal product for the needs of demanding gardeners and professionals. We attach great importance to high quality and long durability of our products.

To make our products affordable for everyone, they are sold exclusively on Amazon at competitive prices.

Our offering includes various garden fleece variants, e.g. our cold weather mat, winter fleece and garden fleece in various sizes and weights, weed and sandbox fleece, as well as high quality pegs as an accessory for attachment to a variety of substrates. Also, our range includes a PVC-free ear protection for children in different colors.

We are constantly expanding our product range and are also improving existing products to meet the needs of our demanding customers.

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